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This site is dedicated to mixture of arts, music, poetry, science, technology, elements, feelings… purified, to be real.

“‘beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” (J.Keats)

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Mick Mengucci, engineer and performer, mixes art and science, believes in the healing power of art in tune with nature and spirit.

As an engineer he coordinates a research group in arts and technology LabIO (Laboratory for Interaction and Orality) that organizes a poetry slam events in Lisboa, creates multimedia performances, teaches courses and workshops on Slam Poetry (Orality) and Computer Programmingfor Multimedia and Musical Expression.

His performance mixes music, slam and digital effects audio and video.

He collaborates with yoga teachers applying sound to group therapy. Lends his voice and acting for advertising, recordings and ceremonies.

As a singer and entertainer Mick boosts up nights playing&singing as a funky menestrello with his original music and covers of brasilian, italian, cuban, african and jazz standards.


mengucci@ (scientist)

misturapura @ (musician and performer) @ (poetry slam organizer and research coordinator)

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